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I need some help from someone who REALLY knows about fords?

i work at a ford dealership (i answer phones and direct calls) and i dont know why but they are requireing that i be trained in ford product knowledge. ive searched all over the damn ford website for the past 3 days, and there are just a couple of questions i cant find, no matter what. PLEASE HELP im at the banging my head againts the wall stage with this.

OK here goes...

1 when towing, it is vital that the proper hitch be used. what type of hitch is used to distribute tongue load to all towing vehicle and trailer wheels?

A weight distributing hitch

B segmented hitch

C any trailer hitch

D weight carrying hitch

2 what does a four wheel anti lock braking system help provide?

A improved stopping performance thru the action of two separate vehicle braking systems

B straight, more controlled stops, while helping the driver maintain steering control under most road conditions

C continuous brake pressure to stop the vehicle when the driver starts pumping the brake pedal

D the ability to lock out a failing brake and use the other wheels for safe stops

3 what drive mode does the control trac four wheel drive system provide that is not available on fords manual shift on the fly (MSOF) and electronic shift on the fly (ESOF) systems?


B 4x4 HIGH

C 4x4 AUTO

D 4x2 LOW

4 what is the benefit of dual stage air bags?

A they provide the capability of deploying at high or low output

B they will not deploy if the driver weighs less than 75 pounds to reduce the risk of airbag related injury during a collision

C they deflate and return to their original positions after a collision, eliminating the need for replacement and additional repair costs

D they have a "dual bladder" design to cover more surface area and better protect the occupants head and chest

5 which statement is correct regarding all speed traction control?

A when the traction control system is activated at speeds of 35 mph or higher, the braking system is deactivated and only engine control is used to limit wheel spin

B when the traction control switch is activated, a mechanical lock inside the rear differential housing solidly locks the rear axle shafts together

C the system uses a viscous coupling to mechanically link the drive wheels together for improved performance on slippery surfaces

D the system uses torque converter to increase torque to each wheel when wheel slip is detected

6 how long does the SOS post crash alert system operate?

A until the airbags are completely deflated

B for up to 20 min and then it shuts off

C until it is deactivated or until the battery power is depleted

D until the drivers door is open

7 what feature built into the infrastructure of all ford vehicles helps dissipate the force of the impact?

A front and rear crumple zones

B BlockerBeam

C SPACE (side protection and cabin enhancement) architecture

D hydroformed frame rails

8 what is the benefit of power adjustable brake and accelerator pedals?

A They retract into the floor when the igniton is off to allow easy entry and exit

B They allow drivers of smaller stature to comfortably reach the pedals

C They can be adjusted for hard feel or soft feel

D They have a forward and rearward adjustment of up to 8 inches

9 The driver and right front passenger side airbags are designed to enhance protection of what parts of the body of the driver and right front passenger in certain side impacts?

A legs

B knees

C chest

D hips|||I would find another line of employment. Your cheating off the nerd sitting next to you in school.|||if you answer all these questions correctly.......will you marry me??...i can send you to work for the n.t.s.a.|||Almost




Hyundai Tiburon Owners. I need your help picking out a car.?

Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 Limited:

- Red leather seating surfaces

- Power tilt-and-slide glass sunroof with sliding sunshade

- 2.7L, DOHC, V6 engine

- Automatic temperature control with smog-sensing Air Quality System (AQS)

- 17” alloy wheels

- Leather-wrapped steering wheel

- Driver lumbar support

- Cruise control

- Metalgrain interior trim

- Trip computer

- 5-speed manual transmission

- Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

- Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

- Advanced front and front side-impact airbags

- Air conditioning

- Power windows, door locks and heated mirrors

- Remote keyless entry system with alarm

- Sport-tuned suspension

- Kenwood® AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 audio system

- Low rear spoiler

- In-glass antenna

- Fog lights

- Dual exhaust


Hyundai Tiburon SE:

- 6-speed manual transmission

- Red leather seat bolsters with black cloth inserts

- Cross-drilled front brake rotors with red calipers

- Aluminum foot pedals

- High rear spoiler

- Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Traction Control System (TCS)

- Manual air conditioning

- Track-tuned sport suspension

- Power tilt-and-slide glass sunroof with sliding sunshade

- 2.7L, DOHC, V6 engine

- 17” alloy wheels

- Leather-wrapped steering wheel

- Driver lumbar support

- Cruise control

- Metalgrain interior trim

- Trip computer

- Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

- Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

- Advanced front and front side-impact airbags

- Air conditioning

- Power windows, door locks and heated mirrors

- Remote keyless entry system with alarm

- Kenwood® AM/FM/XM/CD/MP3 audio system

- In-glass antenna

- Fog lights

- Dual exhaust|||i would go with the 6 speed, the only reason i can see for it using a little more gas is because the ratios are so close that it keeps the rpm's up higher that is uses a bit more. but the tib 2.7 liter engine likes to rev once you pas 3,200 rpm's you can just feel it start to take off. the engine as a big torque spike at that rpm range.

if you want more info join they will help ya out with anything you need.

good luck with the tib|||I would run with the SE. better gas potential with 6 gears|||I can not say for sure about the newer ones but I have a 2003 and in that year the six speed got the worse gas millage of all the other transmissions. (that included the auto transmission) The Auto was also faster that the six speed. Now if you want to sound cool and like to shift I would go with the six speed transmission. Whatever you chose, enjoy the car as I really enjoy mine.|||neither.

08 chevy malibu

08 pontiac solsitce/saturn sky|||I am into performance, so I would go with the SE.

It has a 6 speed manual transmission instead of 5 speed.

It also accelerates faster.

0-60mph in 7.2 seconds for the GT SE and 7.6 seconds for the GT Limited.

What are my chances of being found not guilty for failing to stop when the car wasnt mine and had bad brakes?

My car was in the process of being repaired when my friend A dropped off her car at my work location so that i may borrow her car so that my co-worker B and I have a ride home. I was pulled over about 5 miles from my work location when as i gradually pushed on the brakes since it didnt have ABS (anti-lock brake system). before i knew it i had past the stop sign. lucky for all of us there was no cars coming but a chp passing. he saw and immidiately made a U-turn and gave me the ticket. I didnt argue the fact that i passed the stop sign but i would like to know if i have a chance in winning this since i had little time to realize how bad were the brakes. Prior to that road i was pulled over i was approximately driving below 40mph. I will never borrow an old car!!|||maybe but I have to ask this. In the five miles from your job to the stop sign didn't you use the breaks at all?*|||pretty low percentage.. maybe 10 percent, and that is better than what I wanted to say, at 0%..|||No chance. You were the driver and it is your responsibility to know what you are driving and to stop in time. ABS wouldn't even play into it.

Another factor is that you chose to drive this car. You had other options. Another friend, a rental car, public trans, etc. You weren't forced as no one can force you to drive a particular car. Once you get behind the wheel, it is all yours.|||I agree with the others. You drove that car for 5 miles. Unlikley that you had to used the brakes. Your chances of being found not guilty are very slim at best.|||The law simply states a full and complete stop. It doesn't mention bad brakes or bad drivers. But go ahead and waste the judges time, it will amuse him.|||Judge won't buy that you did not use the brakes once in 5 miles.

Sure you could pay to have the brakes checked and all of that. But it would still come down to the fact that you did not stop..... and you were in charge of the vehicle.

It would probably be best to just pay the ticket and get it over with.

Jeep Cherokee 1989 ABS?

Is there a way to disable, disconnect, unplug, or remove the Anti-Lock Brake System for a Jeep Cherokee 1989 4WD 4.0L V6 4-Door?|||ABS makes a chattering or hammering noise when activated. If your brakes lock up without chattering, there's no ABS.|||you can totally remove the entire system from it and you,ll go back to standard brakes,i have done that before for a customer that hated having anti lock brakes,you have to remove every part of it though and change the lines around also,but they will work fine like that,that's what a lot of people are doing when they cant get the anti lock system to work right is have it removed,you still have power brakes just minus the anti lock feature,you also have to remove the anti lock brake light bulb from the dash or it will stay on until the bulb burns out,but its perfectly safe to do this if that's what you want to do,i have done this numerous times and have had no problems from doing it,good luck|||4.0 is an inline 6 or I6 not a V6

anyway, an easy way to tell if it is working. get up to a decent speed, 30 or 40 should be plenty enough..and lock em up, if the tires actually lock up and skid, chances are it is not working properly. ABS prevents locking up the tires so you can still steer the vehicle from danger if need be.

Jeep Cherokee 1989 ABS?

Is there a way to disable, disconnect, unplug, or remove the Anti-Lock Brake System for a Jeep Cherokee 1989 4WD 4.0L V6 4-Door?|||I believe there is a relay and a "brain", basically an ecu for the system under the hood for the ABS and if you remove them, I'm pretty sure it disables the system, as well as the dash light. Just don't ever mention to your insurance company that you did, you usually get discounts for abs and things like that!|||IMPORTANT...To answer your question, yes, you can go to a junk yard with similar year and pull the master cylinder and piping. Exchange components as you are there.

HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not kidding, you have a LIFETIME warranty on the ABS pump and master cylinder!!!!!!!!!!! Have 1990 and Jeep has replaced it three times..FOC!!! Go to the jeep dealer!!!!

One more point, if you completely disable your ABS, the pump will not work and you have NO POWER Brake assist.

This is not like some later systems.|||In order to disable the Anti-Lock Brake you need to simply pull the relay.|||Pull the relay.

If you are driving a vehicle equipped with... HELP ME!!!?

If you are driving a vehicle equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS). and the vehicle starts to skid, you should: Turn the steering wheel ___________________.

a) In the direction you want the front of the vehicle to go.

b) In the opposite direction you want the front of the vehicle to go.

c) Back and forth in both directions.

d) Do not turn the steering wheel.

Please Help!!

Thank you SO MUCH in advance!!!


Brakes, Calipers and Rotor "Problem" for 2001 Z24 Cavalier?

My car has had a strange low "wooing" sound since October 2007. I've been to three different places with three different opinions:

(1) need a new wheel barring (replaced and paid $300.. noise is still there)

(2) need four new tires -- the noise is "tire noise"

(3) Anti-lock Brake System needs major repair

We definitely need new brakes, but apparently the noise is a result of the rotors and something being completely destroyed.

We were told that the car doesn't have any front brakes and is extremely dangerous to drive right now. It is stopping with the rear brakes. Obviously it's not safe to drive without brakes, but if this is the true problem, we have been driving the car for 2 1/2 months. I'm freaking out because I just had a baby 10 days ago and don't want to take any risks.

We were quoted a minimum of $500.

How legit does this sound? Has anyone had this problem before? Advice?|||I would rule out the anti-lock problem unless the anti-lock brake light on the dash is on and I have still never heard an anti-lock brake system make any noises like that, are you sure they replaced the right wheel bearing?, the other side could have been bad all along and finally if you need new brake pads I would get them put on and 2 new rotors as those rotors are really cheap to buy at the parts store, like $18 each.|||The front brake pads have little metal peaces that will rub against the brake rotors when the pads wear down. since you have had the same brake pads on the car for SIX YEARS than this tells me that you are in Dyer need of a brake job. I would have new front rotors and pads installed and new rear drums and pads installed. If your tires where making this noise than they would be bald they would have no tread on them at all. If the well bearing was bad than you would only hear it on one side. Also when the mechanic that "fixed" the wheel bearing was working on your car he should have examined the brakes any ways and told you what the car needed.|||well alright i had a situation were the peice of the metal that held the brake pad in place stuck out and made a loud sound when ever i moved my car it was very noticeable and it was just a little peice of metal that i took off it sounds like thats what it is|||that wooing noise maybe a roaring sound? , to me could sound like a wheel bearing,i guess he thought so too,its just strange that you need to remove the brakes to change the wheel bearing and he said nothing about them, if they were that bad it should have been obvious,how does the car stop? if you are only stopping on your back brakes it is going to take longer to stop, enough to where you should notice a difference. take it somewhere else get a second opinion, something does not sound right|||Revisit that "fixed" hub bearing,cause it sounds like your mech. may have put on a used bearing. As far as the brakes,you will definitely need new pads and rotors,and before anyone does the job,find a reputable service center to do a thorough check,including the wheel bearing assemblies.

Now,even though $500.00 sounds steep,as long as a reputable shop does the job,then safety and quality will not be an issue.