Friday, December 2, 2011

Can ABS be removed from your car?

Can you take your anti-lock brakes system out of your car or have it de-activated? they seem more complicated than regular brakes. When you are sliding you can't brake or swerve and if you do your screwed or something like that. I guess I just don't get why they are any safer? But could they be taken out?|||Wow, look at all the wrong answers.

Here's some advice from someone who has actually done it.

1. It is not hard to do.

2. It is not expensive or time consuming.

3. It does not put you at significantly more risk than having ABS.

4. It means you no longer have to worry about sensors going bad or the system malfunctioning, all brakes operate the same way.

5. It does mean you have a chance to lock your brakes, but if you don't drive like a retard, that's not going to happen anyway.

I have a 1991 3000GT, that I have disconnected the ABS on, and have been driving this way for months. I've even had a few moments where I've had to brake hard.

There have been NO negative side effects. And now, instead of having to pay tons of money anytime something on the ABS goes bad, all I have to do, is get a simple brake job, and that fixes pretty much everything.

Expect the car to handle slightly different, but the average person won't really notice it.

Other than that, best thing I've ever done for my car.|||turning when braking under heavy load is useless anyway.. they are safer because they don't lock up which causes you to slide..I don't think there is anyway to deactivate them with out losing your brakes all together..if your going to try and turn while your sliding let off the brake|||You don't want to try and deactivate or remove the ABS system. It prevents the brakes from locking up causing you to skid and potentially lose control. ABS brakes aren't really more complicated, they just have additional sensors that momentarily release the brake if a skid is sensed. This system has been used on aircraft for years. To are the uninformed one. Just because you decided to "jerry rig" your brakes by removing the ABS don't talk down to those who know better. No smart mechanic would do what you have.|||You could remove them, but it would be expensive and difficult. Cutting the power to the solenoids would cause your brakes to revert to normal functioning. The claims you are making about sliding don't seem to make much sense.

ABS is much safer than standard braking. When the computer detects that a wheel has locked up (lost traction with the road), it pulsates pressure to that wheel, giving it a chance to contribute to braking the car. ABS can stop your car much more quickly and in a much more controlled manner than standard brakes in many conditions (wet pavement, gravel, ice, snow). It has saved my bacon many times. Read up on it before thinking about messing with your brakes.

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