Friday, December 2, 2011

Can you bypass ABS on an 1997 Ford Expedition?

I don't want ABS, because they just malfunctioned giving me no brakes and luckily I only hit a pole. I would like to bypass the anti-lock braking system and just have normal brakes. can anyone please help me?|||Just pull the fuse out. But you'll have to take the bulb out of the dash for the ABS light because it will be on all the time.|||The anti lock brake system malfunctioned and you hit a pole?

I seriously doubt that.

Consider, if that were true, why would you think the normal brakes would function if you disconnect the ABS system?|||as far as i know you can't and i think it would be illegal|||failure of the ABS won't cause you to lose your brakes. you have another problem.

it's illegal to modify safety devices in any way|||I agree with Leanne, highly unlikely, it sounds like you have other brake issues and need to find a mechanic to diagnose and repair the system properly. Disconnecting safety devices(especially brakes) is stupid and in many jurisdictions illegal.

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